Royalty Position Market

Unique crowd-funding and profit-sharing platform.

Raise money for your project.

Use the detailed accounting for position holders.

Periodically make royalty payments based on profits.

Royalty positions work like shares. There are a fixed number of them and you sell them to raise money for your business. The people who buy them can earn a % of profits based on the % of RPs they own. So, if a member has 5% of total RPs, and a profit of $1000 is posted for the dividend period, they would earn $50.

The script is basically an accounting system where you post revenues and expenses and you also can have retained capital. The accounting is available for all members to see. There is also a "Loan Module" add on that can be used to raise additional funds and those who lend money will receive a fix % return by regular periodic payments.

Members can buy and sell RPs on an open market trading system.