Fully Automatic Multi-Matrix Cycler

Amazing matrix program. Pay once, earn forever.

All upgrades are automated by using the coinpayments.net payment gateway.

All payments are paid to your coinpayments.net merchant account and all withdrawals are paid out from that same account.

Matrix is fully configurable and features:

  • Automatic Re-entries
  • Automatic Purchase of New Positions in any other matrix
  • 2 Levels of Referral Commission payments
  • Purchase and Payout Controls
  • Team Build or Company Forced 

Any number of matrices can run at the same time.

Automatic withdrawals.

Set prices in crypto or USD

THREE versions are available:

  • Direct Purchase Version
    • Members pay for positions directly
    • Positions are added when payments are automatically confirmed.
    • Profit payouts are sent automatically for withdrawal.
  • Add Funds Version
    • Members Add Funds to their account balance
    • Positions are paid for out of account balance
    • Profit payouts are added to account balance
    • Withdrawals must be requested by member
    • Use any number of cryptos for payment and withdrawal
    • Prices must be USD
  • Split-Payments Version
    • A new way to configure the payment plan for greater flexibility
    • Runs any number of successive single-line matrices
    • Based on the Add Funds version of the script
    • Payments can be split and passed up to any level in the upline